Common (But Ineffective) Pinoy Reactions and Their Rebuttals

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"No one is hated more than he who speaks the truth."

I've been joining the crusade on obliterating false, shallow and in-your-face Pinoy Pride and spreading the inconvenient truths that Filipinos just turn a blind eye to (Manila Bus Hostage Crisis and three pinoy drug mules executed in China being the latest issues). Although I've already learned many ways to counter arguments, sometimes the angry replies I receive tend to be "canned" and just beat around the bush.

So to save myself time and effort to type the same rebuttals again and again, let me compress them into one blog post.

Common Pinoy Reaction Number 1
"I can't believe you hate your fellow Filipinos! How dare you insult your own countrymen!"

And how dare you say that I hate and insult my own countrymen. There's a fine line between "insult" and "criticize." Criticism is someone trying to help you, by telling you something about yourself that you were a little too uncomfortable not knowing (taken from Cracked). So just because I criticize fellow Filipinos automatically means I hate them? So Simon Cowell must hate the contestants of American Idol and Britain's Got Talent so much because he brutally criticizes them. Yet its thanks to Cowell's sharp tongue that the contestants are able to identify their flaws and correct them thus resulting to better performances.

When your parents criticize your wrongdoings, does that mean they hate you? Otherwise, it only shows that they care and want you to grow into a decent, properly-functioning person. Same reason why I point out the many faults because change begins by being aware of your weaknesses and because I care about my country.

Common Pinoy Reaction Number 2
"It happens in other countries too and it's even worse in China, India and Africa."

Ah, the Appeal to Common Practice.

I failed many subjects at school.
My classmates also failed many subjects and some of them even have worse grades than mine.
Therefore, it's alright that I failed many subjects because my classmates did it too and some of them did even worse.

Human trafficking is happening in the Philippines.
It happens in other countries too like Laos and North Korea and it's even worse in some African countries like Congo and Madagascar.
Therefore, it's alright that human trafficking is happening  in the Philippines because other countries are doing it too and it's even worse in Africa.

Just because it happens in other countries too doesn't mean Pinoys are excusable. People having a similar problem doesn't diminish your own.

Common Pinoy Reaction Number 3
"What have you done to this country for you to speak so negatively of it?"

What have I done? Oh, nothing much. I just pay my Value-Added Taxes to the BIR. Also as a mother I vow to raise my child to be a responsible and law-abiding Filipino citizen.. As a punctual taxpayer I am entitled to express my opinions and complain of this country's many dysfunctions. It's also the same reason why there are complaint centers in many establishments for their customers so the former can easily detect what they're doing wrong to further improve their businesses.

Furthermore, I am writing this blog to inform as many people as I can about the ills of my country so they can be cured. After all, you have to know the problems first to be able to solve them.

Common Pinoy Reaction Number 4
"If you don't like this country then get the f*** out and find another country that will accept you."

You tell me to find another country to accept me, but as a citizen of the Philippines, I have the right to voice out my complaints and to express the changes I want to see in this country. It's also my responsibility as a citizen to expose and address the wrongs that Filipinos just can't seem to swallow.

Common Pinoy Reaction Number 5
"Why are you so obsessed with the negative? Focus on the positive instead! You don't know how great Filipinos are like Pacquiao, Charice, Arnel Pineda, Bruno Mars, Maria Aragon, Vanessa Hudgens, etc."

Are you suggesting that we use the shallow positives to cover up the critical negatives? That's as effective as putting a band-aid over an ingrown nail.

I smoke marijuana. (Negative)
On the other hand, I'm the boxing champion in the local division. (Positive)
Therefore, it's alright that I smoke marijuana because I'm good in boxing. (Using the positive to excuse the negative)

A disgraced Filipino cop took a busload of Chinese tourists hostage and successfully killed eight of them. (Negative)
However, Miss Philippines Venus Raj won Fourth Runner-up at the Miss Universe Pageant. (Positive)
Therefore, it's alright that a Filipino shot eight innocent Chinese dead because Venus Raj just brought honor to the country. (Using the positive to excuse the negative)

*Sigh* If only another win from Pacquiao, another guest appearance by Charice on Glee or another concert by Arnel Pineda can eliminate poverty and corruption, feed the three million hungry Filipino children, provide jobs for 11 million unemployed Filipinos, attract foreign investors and overall stop this country from being Asia's Laggard. In the long run, those co-called "positives" (Maria Aragon, Nicole Scherzinger, Palawan, Boracay, world-renowned hospitality, etc.) are just "happy pills" to make us forget the sorry state of our country.

Common Pinoy Reaction Number 6
"The Philippines could have been a great country if only the corrupt politicians aren't screwing things up."

But who voted those corrupt politicians into power in the first place? And if Filipinos are so great then why can't they even vote for their leaders properly?

Common Pinoy Reaction Number 7
"P***** I** mo! Kung wala kang matinong masabi sa Pilipinas shut the f*** up! Damn stupid racist you smell like s***."

Is that what you're gonna do now? Insult me? And you actually think I'm offended? Ad hominems are the surest sign that you've run out of decent arguments and that you can't dispute the other party's claims. You're now reduced to a rabid dog barking senseless insults. So bark away, dog.

And there we have it, folks! Rebuttals-in-a-can convenient for those repetitive and emo-driven pinoy reactions. It's a long, hard battle but here's hoping that this blog post will prove useful to the harbingers of inconvenient truths.

"But, by far, the hardest thing you can give the patient is the truth. The truth is hard. the truth is awkward, and very often, the truth hurts."
-Meredith Grey, Grey's Anatomy

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